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The company was founded because of a love and passion for wine.  As a matter of fact, it was wine that brought us all together.  We know that everyone’s palate is different and tastes vary.  That is why at ClicktoSip all of us, collectively, choose based on price and quality. We will continue to search for these wines with you in mind.

The wine market has become commercialized to the extent that quality is overlooked and price has taken over.  With us quality should never be substituted, and yet we keep price in mind.  We feel life is too short to be wasted on a bad glass of wine.
For the majority of our portfolio, we work directly with the importer-distributor to benefit you with wholesale prices.  Our wines are mostly from small vineyards, privately owned, for the best quality.  Our goal is to provide you with outstanding wines at prices that are reasonable with the best possible service.

Salute from all of us at ClicktoSip and remember to “Fill the glass that’s empty and empty the glass that’s full. Never leave it empty and never leave it full.”


Donna S. D’Agostino